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Respected Nepali Community Members, Friends, Colleagues and Friends of Nepal,


यो मन मेरो नेपाली हो” phrase is not new to any one of us living thousands of miles away from our soil of origin. Also, the urge to cultivate नेपाली मन ,नेपाल को माया  and our rich culture to our  beloved next generation is not new either. The responsibility to provide consistency lies on us.

When we look around our home, meal we eat, or gesture we use, we find evidence of our rich culture and tradition. Those cultural traditions and perspectives have shaped us to who we are today. A great way to preserve that culture among us and our next generation is to create an environment that offers opportunity to participate and learn about our religious values, traditions, native language, traditional food, culture and art are among many other things.

To “Foster नेपाली मन ,नेपाल को माया and Nepali Culture in beloved Next Generation”, The Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA) and The Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA) together with Greater Charlotte Nepalese Association (GCNA) presents 13th NASeA/ANMA joint Convention at Crown Plaza Executive Park Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina from Sept. 1 – 4, 2017.

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Distinguished Guests, Greetings from NASeA!

On behalf of Nepalese Association in Southeast America (NASeA), together with Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA) President Bala Ghimire, Convention Chair Rajesh Singh, host organization the Greater Charlotte Nepalese Association (GCNA) Coordinating Council Chair Sushil Nepal and all officers, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all, the distinguished guests, media representatives and well-wishers to the 13th NASeA-ANMA Joint Convention 2017 in the magnificent city of Charlotte, North Carolina to be held on Labor Day weekend from September 1-3, 2017.

NASeA proudly gives consistency to its decade-long tradition of organizing joint convention ANMA every alternate year in our respective regions.  This year’s joint convention marks the thirteenth years of our partnership with ANMA. Two leading regional organizations from Northeast and Midwest of America have blended perfect ties and set an example to other organizations in US and around the world regarding our partnership towards building common ground and serving our community of this region and beyond.

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Dear Joint Convention participants,


On behalf of Association of Nepalese in Midwest America (ANMA), I am delighted to welcome you to 13th annual NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention 2017 in the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. Exciting programs are planned for delegates and guests that will allow everyone to experience our uniqueness. From the opening ceremony and reception to the various forums, Live Concert by Nepali popular band and DJ to the dinner, you will renew old friendships and make new friends from around the United States. The convention also features insightful speakers from a diverse cross section of the professions and media representing all aspects of the life of Nepali community.

This year’s convention is dedicated to the American-Nepali community. The convention theme is “Civic Engagement and Youth Empowerment of Nepalis in America” which reflects our common goal to power and engaged the young Nepalese from the various community via a unified front to preserve Nepalese pride. Furthermore, we acknowledge and strive for a peaceful co‐existence of all ethnic communities within Nepal, and abroad as well.

ANMA believes that togetherness is the key to developing strengths and prosperity of the community. Thirteen years of the continuous partnership of ANMA and NASeA has been an outstanding example of this togetherness for all of us.

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