NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention 2017 Blood Donation Announcement

Let us all donate blood and be the part of humanitarian task to save life and support all the affected victims due to recent tropical storm Harvey hit areas in Texas, Louisiana

Respected Community members and friends of Nepal.

This is being our humble request to participate and donate blood organized by several organizations as a joint effort.  This has been a tradition now to donate blood on the auspicious occasion of NASeA/ANMA joint convention every year.

However, this time, we have another inevitable cause generated by tropical storm Harvey hit, loss of life, and several weeks to wait for complete recovery.

We do our sincere request to all our social leaders, community workers, and volunteers to donate blood and be a part of emergency relief program.  We all know blood is needed in emergency but needs to plan in advance for its supply.

For registration and details of blood drive event, please contact Mr Satish Chandra Gupta @919-455-5151 and refer the flyer attached for additional information.

Your precious gift and solidarity with victim family certainly will help bring changes in the society where we live today!!


Dr. Nanda Regmi


Blood Donors of America (BDA)

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