Let us all encourage our children  to Participate in Student Writing Contest 

Happy Summer Vacation to all our beloved Balbalika of Pathshala/Nepali School in NASeA/ANMA region and beyond,

I kindly request all Pathshala/Nepali School Coordinators, Guru aama and Guru baa to communicate with all beloved Balbalika (students) to encourage them to participate in Student Writing Contest -13th NASeA/ANMA Joint Convention 2017. Please find detailed announcement below dispatched by the Student Writing Contest Chair Dr. Sushama Pradhan. 
With this note, I encourage all State/Student organisations Presidents and Community leaders to communicate this  email in your community via email and face book and let us request all our parents to encourage their children to be the part of this Student Writing Contest. 
Finally, looking forward to welcoming you all to 13th NASeA/ANMA Joint convention. For program and registration details please follow the link: http://jointconvention.org 
Thanks in advance for all your kind cooperation. 

Always for Nepali American Community and Friends of Nepal !
With Respect,
Bimal Nepal 
West Palm Beach, Florida 
Nepal’s Pride: Lord Buddha and Mt. Everest 
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