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 13th Annual NASeA /ANMA Joint Convention 2017  

September 1 – 4, 2017Charlotte, North Carolina 

 Civic Engagement and Youth Empowerment of Nepalis in America “ 

*Invitation to Join Women’s Forum* 

Theme: Women’s Empowerment and Domestic Violence 

Ladies- Don’t miss this opportunity! 

He for she: Let’s shift perspectives on Gender Equality!  

Why Should I Join? 

  • Millions of girls and women throughout the world suffer from discrimination, deprivation, and the denial of their human rights based on their gender. Violence against women is an extreme manifestation of gender inequality and ranges from honor-killings, to domestic abuse, female genital mutilation, stoning, forced sterilization, dowry-deaths and trafficking.   In many societies violence against women is an everyday occurrence and sometimes even considered “normal.”  In 1993, the United Nations formally acknowledged violence against women as a public policy concern in the Declaration on Violence Against Women. 

  • The UN has designated 25 November as the International Day for the Eradication of Violence Against Women . On this day in 2005, Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations said, “Violence against women remains pervasive worldwide. It is the most atrocious manifestation of the systemic discrimination and inequality women continue to face, in law and in their everyday lives, around the world. It occurs in every region, country, and culture, regardless of income, class, race or ethnicity.” 

  • “Domestic Violence is a pattern of behavior used by one person to maintain power and control over another. Physical battering is not the only form of abuse. Emotional and sexual abuse, including insults, intimidation, threats and forced sex are also part of an abusive relationship. 


Violence against women should never be ignored or dismissed, no matter how small or minor the act may seem. 

Please join us to hear wonderful presentation from our speakers. 

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