Soccer Rules & Guidelines

Strict rules will be followed in accordance to the Soccer regulation

  •  The Organizing committee has right to make the final decision if any team fails to follow the rules and regulations of the game anytime during the tournament.
  • A team must report to the game site and be “ready to play” with the minimum number of players to avoid a forfeit 10 minutes prior to the start time
  • An official team shall consist of eleven (11) players on the field with unlimited substitutes. A minimum of eight (8) players must be present to start, and continue the game to avoid a forfeit.
  • Identification of every player needs to be in the roaster in order to play the game.
  • Players in the field should be fully equipped with team uniform, acceptable footwear, and shin guards. Any kind of Jewelries and metal studs cleats are prohibited in the field.
  • If both the teams jersey color clash, the team register at first would have first precedence to make the choice.
  • Any improper/impolite action leading to confrontation will result in player(s) or the team being rejected from the tournament. Players are expected to treat each other with respect.
  • Any team will be disqualified in case of fights or other misbehaviors. The Organizing Committee will have the final decision in such case.
  • Yellow and Red Cards will be given out if necessary. 2 yellow cards will result in a red. If a player receives a red card he will be suspended for the following game.
  • Game duration and game format will be decided by the organizer.
  • Each player must have a number denoted on his roster and displayed on his jersey.
  • No foreign players will be allowed to play. One player can only play from one team.
  • Teams not showing up after 10 minutes of the proposed start-time will automatically forfeit. (Forfeit final score line will be 1-0)
  • The officials’ decision in the field would be the final decision.
  • In case of odd number of teams, one team will be granted automatic advance in the first round.
  • Priority will be given to the team registered first and the last year winner.
  • Although a player can participate in multi sports, no player is allowed to play from a different team within the same event.
  • No smoking and alcoholic beverages are allowed on the game field and its premises.
  • Substitutes cannot take penalty kicks. Only a player on the field at the time of the game may take the penalty kick.
  • Game will be conducted based on knock out rule.

* Management decision is the final decision & has the right to make changes if needed.