Volleyball Rules

Strict rules will be followed in accordance to the USA Volleyball regulation (http://usavolleyball.org/resources/officials-rules).

  • Each team should provide the name of their team and each member of the team, along with team color. There may be no more than 10 players registered under one team.
  • During the play 6 players should always be in the court or the team shall be dismissed.
  • The referee will toss for the first serve and the side of the court.
  • The winner of the toss will choose either of the first options.
  • Server must serve from behind the restraining line until after contact.
  • Ball may be served underhand or overhand and must be clearly visible to opponents before serve.
  • Rally scoring will be used.
  • There will be a point scored on every score of the ball.
  • Offense will score on a defense miss or out of bounds hit.
  • Defense will score on an offensive miss, out of bounds hit, or serve into the net.
  • In order to win a set the team must first scores 25 points with a minimum lead of two points.
  • When the receiving team has gained the right to serve, its players rotate one position clockwise.
  • Each team will be allowed a maximum of three hits per side.
  • A block is not considered a hit.
  • Ball may be played off the net during a volley and on serve.
  • A ball touching a boundary line is considered good.
  • A legal hit is contact with the ball by a player body above and including the waist which does not allow the ball to visibly come to a rest.
  • If two or more players contact the ball simultaneously, it is considered one play and the players involved may not participate in the next play.
  • A player must not block or attack a serve.
  • Switching positions will be allowed only between front line players (After the serve only).
  • Although a player can participate in multi sports, no player is allowed to play from a different team within the same event.

*Management decision is the final decision & has the right to make changes in needed.